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INFINITI Limoncello di Oro Slim Strong 16mg – 3 Dots – Nicotine Pouches UK

INFINITI - Limoncello di Oro is a liqueur inspired by the we...
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WHITE FOX Peppered Mint Slim Extra Strong 16.5mg – 4 Dots – Nicotine Pouches UK

XTRIME – X-Iceberry is a combination of red berries and mi...
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VELO Tropic Breeze Slim Less Intense 4mg – 1 Dot – Nicotine Pouches UK

Velo Tropic Breeze - Slim nicotine pouches with a delectable...
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LOOP Jalapeno Lime Slim Extra Strong 20mg – 4 Dots – Nicotine Pouches UK

LOOP Jalapeo Lime #4 Extra Strong offers a hot green jalapeo...
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XTRIME X-Cold Extreme Strong 30mg – 4 Dots – Nicotine Pouches UK

XTRIME - X-Cold is a peppermint flavour that is icy cold. T...
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LYFT Ice Cool Strong Mint Slim 14mg – 3 Dots – Nicotine Pouches UK

LYFT - Ice Cool is a strong peppermint blend with sweet ment...
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