From the start is always good so let’s begin there. StopSmoking.com is operated and owned by Phone and Vape Limited, a company that originally dealt with same day repair for mobiles and PCs. However, after a decade, one of our co-founders (an ex-smoker) realised just how much vaping helped him go from two packets of cig. a day 0mg nicotine vaping products. And then began the inspiration to help others do the same.

The next step was to bring StopSmoking4u.com to life. Its humble origins began as a local vape store in London. With years of research, experts and businesses-savvy owners, StopSmoking4u.com grew from a small vape store in London to a prominent, well respected online business. And of course, London stores are still around.


The fact that we’ve all been there and done that. A large portion of our staff is ex-smokers so we know what it’s like. We know the battles that a smoker faces. And we know first-hand how vaping has helped. It’s an overwhelming prospect to give up a habit that’s been a part of your life for a long time. But we can help you empower yourself simply by giving you the right equipment and products.